10 Of the Most Amazing and Infinitely Beautiful Game Reserves In Africa

Amazing Africa is home to the best and most spectacular wildlife reserves on Earth. Be it the Serengeti or Massai Mara, there is nothing which can match the beauty and magnificence of the game reserves in Africa. Experiencing a wildlife safari in Africa is an unforgettable experience where one is blessed by the sheer magnitude of nature in all its glory. Coming face to face with the immaculate beauty of animals such as the cheetah, Lion and Elephants is a humbling experience. From Tanzania to Namibia, every African country offers a unique and distinct ambience of its own national reserve. Here are the ten most beautiful game reserves of Arica.

10 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The Serengeti is legendary. The name itself conjures up romance, awe and wonder of a golden savanna and an abundance of Wildlife. As a world heritage Park, the Serengeti is witness to the great migration occurring from decameter to July where millions of wild beasts travel between the Serengeti and Massai Mara in Kenya making it the biggest spectacle in Africa. In October the Serengeti comes alive with regular scenes of prey and predator in action. The Serengeti is home to more than 500 bird species among which is the graceful crowned crane and Fischer’s Lovebird.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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