10 Animals As Proved By Science That Can Live Almost Forever

Immortality! For over centuries man has toiled over the elusive quest of acquiring the means to live forever. The modern world is full of anti aging creams, herbal remedies and the like promising you the gifts of good looks all your life but they can never make you immortal. What seems a complex and unattainable goal is a common factor in nature. Around the world both on land and in the deep seas, there are animals that live over a century and animals that live forever.

10 Rougheye Rockfish

These are considered as the longest living aquatic creatures in the world. Native to the Pacific ocean and found between 560-2200 feet below sea level, Rougheye rockfish have a unique feature of ten spines along the lower rim of their eyes. Rougheyes mature late and grow to be almost 200 years old.

Rougheye Rockfish

Image Source: www.cacademy.cn

9 Red Sea Urchins

The largest of its entire species, the red sea urchin has been around for 450 million years. Covered in spikes for protection, if they cross 30 years of age, they will last 200 years.

Red Sea Urchins

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

8 Freshwater Pearl Mussels

90% of fresh water pearl mussels are found in Scandinavia. As hardy creatures, they adapt to biological, geographical and geological changes. Although the numbers are dwindling, the survivors are the hardiest lot where many have been found to be over 250 years old making them the oldest creatures in Europe.

Freshwater Pearl Mussels

Image Source: www.express.co.uk

7 Ocean Quahog

Ocean Quahogs are a clam species found near the Scottish coast. Their numbers have greatly reduced because of ocean trawlers digging up ocean beds where they burrow and live. If allowed to live their natural age, the Ocean Quahog will live upto 500 years old.

Ocean Quahog

Image Source: www.thomaslaupstad.com

6 Antarctic Sponges

Sponges are actually animals in case you didn’t know. As sedentary creatures at the most they will move a millimeter a day. While common species of sponges live upto 20 years, the Antarctic sponge lives a really long time. One species in a particular was found to be 1550 years old.

Antarctic Sponges

Image Source: www.oceanleadership.org

5 Lobsters

The most common cause of lobster death isn’t old age but disease. Lobsters continue growing and reproducing till they die. One lobster captured off the coast of New Foundland was estimated to be 140 years old even as science regards these creatures to live upto 54 years old. The larger the lobster, the older it will live.


Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

4 Tortoises

Among animals that love forever, Turtles have been found living for centuries and studies have found also that their organs don’t even break down as they age. If turtles can avoid predators and disease, they could well live for a very long time. One particular tortoise named Adwaita kept in captivity in a zoo in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India had lived till 250 years old. Interestingly he was the pet of British general Robert Clive and was the oldest of his species at the time.


Image Source: www.indianlink.com.au

3 Regenerating Flatworms

Also known as planarian worms, these creatures cheat death by regenerating old and damaged tissue. If you cut a worm lengthwise it can still live as two worms. The regenerating capabilities were observed by studies in Nottingham University in the UK.

Regenerating Flatworms

Image Source: www.nydailynews.com

2 Bowhead Whales

Bow head whales are considered as the oldest living mammals on earth. In 1990, scientists found scars on certain species of whales that had been made by weapons from the 1800s. While most bowheads can live upto 70 or even 140 years old, Bada the oldest known bowhead whale lived to be 211 years old.

Bowhead Whales

Image Source: www.livejournal.com

1 A Species of Jelly Fish

Studies have found that a particular species of jelly fish (turritopsis dorhnii) that it can revert back to its initial stages of life which means it has no natural limit to its lifespan. If kept away from danger and predators, it could actually live forever. Officially the turritopsis dorhnii is now the only living creature that is immortal among animals that live forever.

Species of Jelly Fish

Image Source: www.immortal-jellyfish.com

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