10 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Favored By Celebrities Today

The beauty and cosmetic industry is a large and varied one where innumerous beauty treatments exist ranging from common to the bizarre. Several Celebrities are known for their choice of strange beauty treatments and quite a number of these procedures actually work. Here are 10 bizarre beauty treatments of today.

10 Snail Slime

Sound Icky but it is favored as an anti ageing procedure that originated in Japan. Snails are left to slither over a person’s face as their slime is left behind on the skin. Nail slime is said to contain antioxidants and copper peptides beneficial for skin rejuvenation and reducing wrinkles.

Snail Slime

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9 Vitamin Drips

Simon Cowell loves this. The process involves a high dose of vitamins gradually infused into the skin via an IV drip. Not only good for skin health, it also invigorates a person with energy for a couple of days. The process however is extremely expensive and takes a lot of time. The process is popular with stars like Rihanna, Madonna and Rita Ora.

Vitamin Drips

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8 Ice Chambers

Cryotherapy virtually freezes a person alive. A person is put in a room or an ice chamber whose temperature is set at minus 130 C for 3 minutes. Ice chambers can be set at sub 200 degree temperatures and are called cryogenic chambers. Those undergoing the treatment are wrapped in socks, gloves, undies headband and mask. The freezing temperature shuts off the blood supply to organs but rushes around the body producing serotonin known as the happy hormone. Cryogenic freezing is helpful in sports injuries and fatigue. Pamela Anderson and Tony Blair have been known to undergo such treatments.

cryotherapy beauty treatments

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