10 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Favored By Celebrities Today

3 Leech Therapy

Sounds a bizarre beauty treatment but this was an age old practice used even upto the 17 to 18 centuries as a medicinal procedure known as bloodletting. Leeches are placed on the skin and made to suck the patient’s blood with the intentions of purifying it. Regarded as an anti ageing procedure, leech saliva contains anesthetic and anti-clotting properties that expands blood vessels. Demi Moore has been known to use this treatment.

Leech Therapy

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2 Ceramic Crystals

This process involves ceramic crystals injected into the face which is said to facilitate collagen production. The process was made popular by model-actress Jerry Hall. The crystals are permanent but start showing up in the ageing process at a certain point. The only side effects of the procedure are that the body may reject the crystals as a foreign object.

Ceramic Crystals

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1 Placenta Face Masks

Sounds one of the most bizarre beauty treatments that use placentas of animals and humans. The placenta is made into a powder through a drying and freezing process and is then applied on the skin. Placentas are regarded to be rich in protein and enzymes that can firm and tone up skin. The main benefit of the placenta is to increase collagen production that contributes to skin elasticity and firmness making a person look younger. Celebs like Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez are big fans of this treatment.

Placenta Face Masks

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