10 Of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth That Could Be Fatal For Anybody

5 Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Now do not get fooled by the serene look of this picturesque scenery of a placid lake and boats for riding just before sunset. This place is deemed as one the deadliest sites in Bolivia. Because it is the home of the most dangerous carnivorous fauna in the world. Contact with any random plant at this area can cause itching, rash and dizziness, but if you are unfortunate to have a deep cut or would, it won’t take time before it’s infested with tropical parasites.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Image Source: www.bolivianlife.com

4 Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

This Russian Far east has its own death valley to boast of making it one of the dangerous places on the earth. High Concentration of toxic gases found in these areas are lethal for any living creature. If exposed to the environment, plants and animals start dying off immediately. Humans would suffer severe chills, dizziness and Fever.

Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

Image Source: www.rusinside.com

3 Bikini Atoll, the Marshall Islands

For a layman this might look like a paradise resort with pristine blue waters, but in realty it’s much more grim and grizzly as these islands have been the sites of numerous nuclear testing programs which have effectively transformed this beauty in to a toxic waste land. The local inhabitants have been forced to evacuate their homes as even today it is highly hazardous to live there. The Radiation is so high that it can cause several forms of cancer.

Bikini Atoll, the Marshall Islands

Image Source: www.travelbrochures.org

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