These 10 Images prove that nothing is more powerful than Cyclones

Hurricanes are the way how nature reacts to the actions of humans, failure of mankind to preserve the planet they call their home and above all shameless exploitation of resources. The man has probably achieved nearly everything but it is when the state of helplessness strikes when these swirling storms pushes us to hide in the basement. The fearsome storms have reputation for themselves and introduce themselves with a fresh impact every year in the western countries. Here’s a list of 10 most disastrous hurricanes in the history of mankind.

10The Galveston Hurricane of 1900

1900 saw its biggest hurricane, probably the worst in the 19th century. Galveston Hurricane was only about nine feet above the sea level and made a landfall on September 8th, 1900. The hurricane ripped off the entire island (Galveston, Texas), also knocked away the entire buildings from their foundations and flattened around 4000 homes to pure scrap. Since the policies of natural disaster management were different at that time, this led to poor intimation about the storm to the people which was done in order to avoid panic. Misinformation in then-President William McKinley’s reign made people helpless and vulnerable to the hurricane. Galveston claimed around 6,000 lives and caused around $500 million of damage.

The Galveston Hurricane 1900

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9Hurricane Camille

Categorized as one of three deadliest category 5 hurricanes to hit US since 1900, Hurricane Camille brought massive flooding and 200-mph or 320-kph winds to the Gulf Coast and later Virginia. The effect of Camille forced the government to change its entire emergency preparedness policy. The hurricane claimed around 300 lives and caused around $1.4 billion damage.

Hurricane Camille 1969

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8Bhola Cyclone

Brace yourself for the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded, Bhola Cyclone hit Bangladesh (East-Pakistan at that time) and West Bengal in the year 1970. There is no certain number of deaths on paper but was estimated that around 300,000-500,000 people died in the aftermath of the storm. Bhola is one of the most deadliest natural disasters ever recorded in the human history.

Bhola Cyclone

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7Typhoon Nina

Tagged as the fourth deadliest ever recorded Typhoon, Nina killed around 229,000 people in its impact back in the year 1975. With its origins in Zhumadian, Henan Province, in China, the Typhoon destroyed the Banqiao Dam further creating a gigantic flood and slaughtering more than 300,000 people (on paper). A string of destruction followed after the collapse of Banqiao dam as other dams in the queue also lost their ground. Taiwan and Mainland China were the areas which were majorly affected.

Super Typhoon Nina is the claimed as the 2nd deadliest Typhoon after the typhoon that hit Vietnam in 1881 which still remains unnamed.

Typhoon Nina

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6Hurricane Hugo

The Gulf of Mexico and Florida often has to bear the brunt of hurricane traffic in the United State. Hurricane Hugo (1989) was tagged as one of the most frightening storms to hit the Carolinas, causing around 50 deaths and around $8 billion in severe damage in the Caribbean and the U.S.

In one of the highlighted aftermaths of Hugo, it was reported that on the island of Saint Croix, lawlessness and looting prevailed which forced then-President George H. W. Bush to order federal forces in order to suppress the violence and restore order on the Island.

Hurricane Hugo

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