10 Disturbing facts about Microsoft you may not have known

Is Microsoft as evil as it is made out to be on the net. Who knows, it could be a conspiracy by apple users to tarnish the big M. But then take a look at the 10 facts about Microsoft. This is pretty disturbing.

10 Lawsuits

Microsoft took the art of suing people to a whole new lower level. They actually sued a 17 year old Mike Rowe in 2004 for copyright infringement. Mike created his own website and named to Mikerowesoft thinking it to be a clever pun. To make things worse, when the boy offered to reach a settlement, they offered him $10 but Mike wanted 10,000. In the resulting backlash, Microsoft then settled for the amount asked for, a visit to Microsoft headquarters and an X Box with a selection of games.


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9 Public apology

In 2009 when the polish version of Microsoft’s Business Productivity Infrastructure was published, several people noticed a huge difference from the American version. An African –American man photoshopped and changed into a Caucasian was placed on the home page of the website. Microsoft soon realized the mistake and made a public apology but the damage had already been done. Some people felt that it may have been done because of a Polish audience who were predominantly white.

Public apology

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8 Charity

While Microsoft isn’t squeaky clean, neither is its creator Bill Gates. An investigation on the bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013 had found that the foundation besides charity had also made several investments. Some of the investments were in groups like the GEO group and a prison company that was notorious for such practices like applying faeces on walls of its juvenile facilities where inmates were repeatedly abused and emergency exits were permanently locked. The prison company did not even receive funding from the government of Texas. What was even worse was investments made in DynCorp a company famous for incidents of human rights and child abuse.


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