10 Disturbing facts about Microsoft you may not have known

7 Male chauvinism

Video game in its inception was predominantly a male stereotype but now there are several thousands of female gamers across the world. But even as girl gamers are excluded and persecuted, it seems Microsoft added fuel to the fire by insinuating that women disliked video game systems and made men beg top allow games into the home. A Microsoft ad suggested “You’d rather knit than watch me slay zombies, but hear me out on this. Xbox One is actually for both of us. Seriously.”. The ad invited outrage and sharp criticism.

Male chauvinism

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6 Bribery

Among facts about Microsoft, it was recently revealed that Microsoft had paid a popular YouTube host to discuss about the Xbox. The payment was $3 for every 1,000 views received by the channel. In return they would have to devote 30 seconds to playing an Xbox game. Taking into account the fact that a popular channel may get a million hits, that’s a lot of cash. The YouTubers weren’t allowed to say 6 anything negative about the Xbox. Although this wasn’t illegal, it hurt the credibility of the Company. Microsoft was busted when a copy of the agreement was posted on the internet.


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5 Privacy Violations

It was Edward Snowden ho revealed how the NSA was carrying out internet surveillance activities on citizens. That may have got them into hot water but the company who assisted the NSA for such activities was none other than Microsoft. Microsoft helped the NSA override security measures of Ms Outlook that allowed the scrutiny of chats and emails of hundreds of users. It was also alleged that they allowed the NSA to view thousands of Skype chats. Microsoft denied such claims but revealed they had received upto 7000 criminal warrants, subpoenas and orders within six months. They also pleaded to the federal government to make their actions clearer on what was required to avoid such situations.

Privacy Violations

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