10 Disturbing facts about Microsoft you may not have known

4 Human Discrimination

Microsoft was severely criticized for its Action on LGBT communities. Gamers with the word Gay in their aliases were banned from using games. One member with the handle the GayerGamer was banned because Microsoft executives felt it insinuated an immoral innuendo. An LGBT girl named Teresa using her relationship preferences in her gaming alias was banned all because she was being harassed for the nature of her claim by gaming stalkers online. Today Microsoft claims it is working with GLAAD to ensure their products can be used by everyone without discrimination.

Human Discrimination

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3 Censorship

China has earned the nicknamed “firewall” because of their rampant banning of internet sites. But what’s weird is that it was Microsoft who assists them in such activity. But!! It isn’t just Microsoft helping China ban the internet; it is also companies like Google, Yahoo and AOL. However Microsoft isn’t as bad as Yahoo who even went as far as reporting its people to the Chinese government for indulging in internet activity.


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2 Bad Santa

When Microsoft thought it a good idea to have a Virtual Santa in 2007, it turned out a very harmful decision. The perverted old Santa rather than discuss toys with young children started asking embarrassing questions especially to females. Certain users also encouraged the man to speak about his criminal past and use abusive language. Microsoft soon removed the site as soon as they found out.

Bad Santa

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1 Labor Contracts

Such are the poor facts about Microsoft that it has also been referred to the Velvet Sweatshop because reports have alleged that workers were overworked and were subjected to forced retention tactics and lawsuits when wanting to leave. Microsoft would also cut employee health benefits. However the company always claimed that its employees got the best of everything.

Labor Contracts at microsoft

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