The 10 most expensive dog breeds that cost a fortune

4 German Shepherd

GSDs are also similar to Alsatians. As one of the most expensive dog breeds, they are extremely intelligent and versatile dogs who can be very fateful and caring. German Shepherds were originally used for guarding and herding flock but today they also make ideal companions, police dogs and search and rescue dogs. A GSD can cost up to $ 6,500.

German Shepherd

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3 Samoyed

Samoyeds were at one time Siberian nomadic reindeer hunters used also for pulling sleds. The Samoyed can also be found in Japan and can cost between $6,500 to $12,000. These make excellent companions are friendly to little children but abit possessive overprotective and stubborn at times. Proper training overcomes these negative traits.


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2 Rottweiler

Rottweiler’s can be both caring and loving dogs as well as fierce and aggressive. Rottweilers are placid, friendly and obedient but do not take kindly to strangers. They need proper training and socialization from a young age. A Rottweiler can cost a minimum of $ 7000.


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1 Lowchen

As the most expensive dog breeds in the world, the Lowchen is also referred to as the Little Lion or toy dog. The American Kennel club regards it as a non sporting dog but is also the world’s most unique breed. The cost of a Lowchen is about $ 7000 or more. In USA alone there are hundreds of registrations for the breed every year as it is extremely popular too.


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