10 Extraordinary Alleged Discoveries to Suggest That Giants Once Walked the Earth

Mythology and folk legends around the world is littered with tales of Giants. Every possible culture gas stories of how giant people once roamed the earth. How true or false are such claims one can’t really say because in the last 200 years, there have been alleged discoveries made of giant skeletal remains and fossilized footprints around various part of the globe that are suggestive of the fact that Giants once roamed the earth.

Most of these stories are steeped in conspiracy where there have been claims and counter claims of such discoveries being hushed up or dismissed altogether. Whether these findings are hoaxes or is there more to what we have been given to think. These are 10 alleged discoveries of giants that you may not have ever read about.

alleged discoveries of giants

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10 Giant Bones discovered at Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, 1912

Gigantic skeletons were discovered buried in charcoal and baked clay by the Phillips brothers excavating a burial mound on the banks of Lake Delavan Wisconsin on May 4th 1912. Examination claimed that the bones bore minute resemblances to monkeys. In 1891 and 1897, two discoveries of giant skeletons were also made earlier in Madison and the ancient city of Aztalan in Wisconsin the latter bearing a skeleton 1.7 meters tall. Nothing was published about the discoveries.

Giant Bones discovered at Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, 1912

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