10 Extraordinary Alleged Discoveries to Suggest That Giants Once Walked the Earth

9 The Giants of Death Valley, 1947

In 1931 F, Bruce Russell a physician from Cincinnati claimed he had discovered underground caves and tunnels under California’s Death Valley in the Mojave Desert. Russell narrated to Howard E Hill how he had found human skeletons measuring 2.7 meters tall. Bovee his colleague found the skeletons to be mummified and presumed their age to be 80,000 years old. The duo also found a ritual hall and hieroglyphics that resembles those linked to the lost city of Atlantis.

The Giants of Death Valley, 1947

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8 Giant Remains Found At Varna, Bulgaria, 2015

Varna the ancient Greek city of Odessos dates back 7,000 years. The discovery of a giant human skeleton raised many eyebrows because the city’s legends have always been associated with giants. No specific height was released to the media but it was leaked that the skeleton was extremely tall and impressive.

Giant Remains Found At Varna, Bulgaria, 2015

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7 Enormous Remains Found In Ecuador, 1964

In 1964, Father Carlos Vaca a priest working in hospitals in Ecuador was shown something strange by locals. It turned out to be extremely large mysterious looking bones. Father Vaca kept the bones in his cottage till he died. An Austrian archaeologist Klaus Dona took the bones to Austria where under examination they were revealed to be human bones. Through analysis of the shin bone, it was estimated that the person who the bones belonged to was about 25 FEET TALL. Due to the absence of DNA Dona concluded that the bones were 10,000 years old. What was also significant was the fact that they had been discovered in an area which was known as the ‘Cemetery of Giants in the local Avamara language.

Enormous Remains Found In Ecuador, 1964

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