10 Extraordinary Alleged Discoveries to Suggest That Giants Once Walked the Earth

6 Giant Mummies Found in Tunnels near the Colorado River, 1909

Explorer G.E.Kincaid while rafting on the Colorado River he claimed that he discovered a tunnel which led him 1.6 Km underground. In the tunnel he found copper weapons, tools and a huge statue that resembled the Buddha. He also found ancient tablets bearing strange hieroglyphics and 9 feet tall mummies wrapped in shroud. The report of his findings appeared in the Arizona gazette in 1909 whose title insinuated that giants migrated to the USA thousands of years ago from Asia. Kinkaid also claimed that the government had sealed off the area to keep the public from finding out about the cave’s existence.

Giant Mummies Found in Tunnels near the Colorado River, 1909

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5 The Mystery of Lovelock Cave 1911–1929

An interesting incident among alleged discoveries of giants is Lovelock cave located 32 km from Lovelock, Nevada. Referred to as horseshoe or Indian Cave, it is assumed to be older than most human settlements on the continent. In 1911, miners David heart and James Pugh set up a business with government permission to extract guano from the cave. Instead, thousands of ancient artifacts were revealed from the digs in the cave including mummies that were 8 to 10 feet tall. A pair of sandals that were 15 inches long and a giant handprint embedded on the cave wall. It is most interesting to note that the Paiutes, a local Indian community regularly spoke of a giant civilization of red haired white skinned people whom they referred to as SI TE Cha who lived in the cave.

The Mystery of Lovelock Cave 1911–1929

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