10 Extraordinary Alleged Discoveries to Suggest That Giants Once Walked the Earth

4 Giant Human Finger Found In Egypt, 2012

A report on the website of a German tabloid read that in 1988, Gregor Sorri photographed a giant finger given to him by a grave robber who took $300 for allowing him to do so. The unidentified man also showed Sorri a certificate and an X ray that proved it to be a human finger which he had acquired in 1960. The digit was 15 inches long and appeared again on websites in 2012 saying that a giant finger had been discovered in Egypt.

In AD 79, Roman scholar Flavius wrote about the history of Jewish war “There were giants. Much larger and shaped differently than normal people. Terrible to behold!”

Giant Human Finger Found In Egypt, 2012

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3 Aleutian Island Discovery, 1940

Ivan T Sanderson a respected Zoologist claimed that he had received a letter from an engineer working on Shemya in the Aleutian Islands in 1940. It was World War II and the US was using the Islands as a base to prepare aginst possible war with Japan. While constructing an airbase, they discovered a graveyard full of human skulls and bones which were thrice the size of a standard human being. The skulls measures up to 61 cm in comparison to an average human skull that is just 20 cm. Sanderson also received a second letter from another soldier in the same unit confirming the story

Aleutian Island Discovery, 1940

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