10 Extraordinary Alleged Discoveries to Suggest That Giants Once Walked the Earth

2 The Giants of the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, 2014

In an episode of “the unexplained files’ in 2014, the TV show focused on a group of researchers who had discovered a grave of giants in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. The leader had followed a local man into dense forest claiming they had found a crypt with a tab le upon which two giant skeletons were found in the sitting position. Although that wasn’t found, they did find extremely large bones. These were examined by a respected scientist professor Vekua who stated if they were human bones, then it ws of a human who stood 10 feet tall. However Vekua passed away soon after and the bones lost. No further research has been carried out ever since.

The Giants of the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, 2014

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1 Giant ‘Footprints’ Found Worldwide

Among alleged discoveries of giants, the most famous is the giant fossilized footprint named Goliath’s footprint found in Mpaluzi in South Africa on the Swaziland border. The impression matches a human foot and is 4 feet long. The footprint is estimated to be between 200 million to 3 billion years old. Fossilized Footprints of what appears to be normal humans were discovered by anthropologist Mary Leary. What was remarkable about them was the fact that they were 3.6 million years old a period where science says no humans existed on earth.

Giant ‘Footprints’ Found Worldwide

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