10 Facts that should be fairly common knowledge but are not

There is no end to knowledge. Even the greatest of scientists might have been ignorant of simple home facts which every housewife would most probably know. Here are 10 common knowledge facts which should be common but are actually not.

10 Drowning is not dramatic but a silent affair!

Thanks to countless movies and TV shows drowning is a stereotype action but sadly the exaggeration is far from truth. Actual drowning is quiet and difficult to spot because when drowning the victim’s head is lowered in the water or tilted backwards which makes it impossible to shout for help. The body finds itself in a vertical position making rolling movements and hyperventilating to gasp as much air as possible. A person can at the most struggle in water for 20-60 seconds before they submerge so rescue needs to be fast.

Drowning is not dramatic

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9 There is no need to wait 24 hours to file a missing person’s report

Authorities in most countries rely on common sense where a missing person is concerned. If the concerned person is a child, invalid or any physically or mentally vulnerable you can call authorities immediately. You can also notify authorities if a person is missing under suspicious circumstances.

missing person report

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8 Water towers are for pressure not just for storage

Water towers rely greatly on the hydrostatic pressure that occurs due to the height of the cisterns from the ground. They usually work in conjunction of underground water storage facilities or surface service reservoirs that provide clean Potable water for domestic use. The tanks usually cannot distribute water, they store raw water meant for fire protection or industrial usages but are not meant for general public use.

Water towers are for pressure

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