10 Famous celebs Wrongly Declared Dead by online Media

Celebrities and pop stars keep pushing their buckets fictitiously popping off many times and mysteriously resurfacing back from the dead, thriving and bouncy. This is nothing but marketing gimmicks to promote themselves or their latest ventures of movies or songs. Though it seems a rather morbid way of gaining attention but in show business “any publicity is good publicity.” Here is the list of famous celebs wrongly declared dead be it intentionally or not.

10 Avril Lavigne

This weird news was feverishly circulated all across the paparazzi that this young 23 year old Canadian singer composer died because she was highly depressed after losing her grand dad and might have committed suicide. Also according to the many conspiracy theories, the girl on the stage we see today performing is her body double called Melissa Vandella, who has shorter height and a different nose that aroused further suspicions about the rumors. In the absence of any solid evidence this remains a weird unsolved mystery.

Avril Lavigne

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9 Matt Damon

This famous Hollywood actor is yet another victim of routine internet deaths, much to his annoyance. In 2009, according to an internet rumor Matt Damon had been killed after falling of the cliffs of Palos Verdes Mountains. Damon lambasted the silly journalists responsible for spreading the news of his death at a news conference for the informant during the 34th Toronto international film festival.

Matt Damon

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