10 Famous celebs Wrongly Declared Dead by online Media

6 Paul McCartney

He is beyond any doubt the most famous singer, composer, song writer and popular on both sides of the globe. He is also the one of the most played and followed singer in the World! Here also there were many conspiracy theories which declared him dead in 1967 in a devastating car accident involving his famous Aston Martin. Conspiracy Theorists claim his body double has taken over. There is no solid evidence whether this news is true or a hoax which most probably it is.

Paul McCartney

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5 Steve Jobs

Now this is really tragic as this modern day genius suffered greatly due to his undetected cancer and passed away in full public knowledge in Oct 5, 2011. But prior to this tragedy there was a load of death news hoaxes circulating regarding Jobs in 2008. In fact the famous Bloomberg news erroneously reported Steve’s death and published an incomplete obituary of the famous Apple Founder.

Steve Jobs

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4 Mark Twain

Mark Twain was the most famous of American writers, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher as well as scholar and lecturer. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. It’s quite interesting to know that Mark Twain was claimed to be dead TWICE. First in 1897 by a journalist, and then by the New York Times itself on 4th May, 1907. He famously quipped about these rumours by saying “The reports of my death were an exaggeration”!

Mark Twain

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