10 Famous Gateways to Hell Well Worth a Visit

8 Plutonium

Not the radioactive element but a cave in Hierapolis also modern day Pamukkale in Turkey. The cave is also regarded as the entrance to Hades or Pluto’s gate. Known as a ‘demon’s hole’ locals also discovered as shrine to Pluto at the site.

It was discovered recently near the ruins of a temple to Apollo. During excavation plutonium became obvious lying over a natural opening that releases carbon dioxide. During digging, researchers noticed birds that ventured too close to the cave suffocated and died.


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7 Masaya Volcano

The Masaya volcano in Nicaragua was named La Boca del Inferno –the mouth of hell by conquistadors from Spain. Although locals shared no such belief, Spanish conquistadors even planted a cross across the rim of the crater to exorcise the devil. According to St Gregory, all volcanoes were entrances to hell. Locals commonly performed child and women sacrifices in the lava for ending drought but the Spanish believed it was the influence of the devil. The presence of sulfur fumes and the red hot lava was enough to convince the Spanish it was indeed a gateway to hell.

Masaya Volcano

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6 Lake Pergusa

According to Greek mythology, Mount Etna in Sicily was the site where Hades dragged Persephone the daughter of the harvest goddess Ceres down to the underworld while she was playing by the Lake Pergusa. Angry ceres refused to let anything grow until a compromise was reached where Persephone would spend six months above the surface that came to be spring and summer, and six months with Hades which was subsequently autumn and winter. Persephone rises from Hades through Lake Pergusa.

Lake Pergusa

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