10 Famous Gateways to Hell Well Worth a Visit

5 Darwaza crater, Door to Hell

Among the gateways to hell is a perennial burning crater in Turkmenistan whose origins are still under dispute. One theory states that a soviet exploration team came across a bore hole releasing noxious gas. They set fire to it thinking it would burn out but instead it remained burning ever since. Called the Darwaza crater is a tourist attraction which weirdly attracts spiders that regularly tumble into the burning pit.

Darwaza crater, Door to Hell

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4 Hells of Beppu

Although called hells of Beppu, this is a popular and scenic place characterized by its naturally stunning beauty. Located in Oita, Japan, there are several hot springs and boiling water streams found on hills of Beppu. The hells of Beppu feature the beautiful sea hell with spectacular blue water to the blood Pond Hell called Chinoike Jigoku with crimson water. Although the location is immersed in beauty, it was unfortunately tarnished as a place for torture and execution.

Hells of Beppu

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3 Fengdu City Of Ghosts

A temple complex consisting of tipples and shrines exists on Ming Mountain China dedicated to the afterlife. The mountain ws associated as a gateway to hell when two visitors seeking wisdom Yin and Wang went there to learn Taoism. Although they achieved wisdom, the joining of their name Yinwang led to the building of the city of ghosts where Yinwang means “king of hell’

Fengdu City Of Ghosts

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