10 Fascinating Wonders of Antarctic, the World’s Most Mysterious Continent

As one of the most extreme environments on the planet, Antarctica is much favored as a location for research in comparison to the Arctic. The primary common reason of course is that Antarctica is one of seven continents. Major countries even have permanent bases set up to explore the icy continent which till date yields amazing data and discoveries. The focal point of research is the ability of life forms to survive in such harsh and barren environments even as Antarctica is also a beautiful and spectacular place. Take a look at ten amazing wonders of Antarctica.

10 The Gamburtsev Mountains

Unlike conventional mountains, these massive peaks some of which are 3,400 meters tall even exist 2000 ft below the ice surface in East Antarctica. The entire Gamburtsev range extends over 1,200 km. The range was first discovered by soviet researchers in 1957 in a region where temperatures drop below – 80 degrees Celsius. The mountainous area has yielded some fascinating geographical features including the stunning lakes 1.6 km beneath the ice. The mountain range dates back 100 million years but yet appear significantly young due to slow erosion.

The Gamburtsev Mountains

Img src: www.icr.org

9 Lake Vostok

Discovered and named by Russian scientists in 1990’s, Lake Vostok is the latest subglacial lake in the region as well as being the third largest lake on Earth. Lake Vostok is 3.5 km beneath Antarctica and was covered by ice over 20 million years ago. The significance of Lake Vostok is that it will help scientists to learn more about conditions on Europa, Jupiter’s moon and Saturn’s’ moon Enceladus. The amazing fact about Lake Vostok is that it t doesn’t freeze even though the water is -3 degrees Celsius. This is because the weight of the ice sheet above exerts tremendous pressure on its surface.

Lake Vostok

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