10 Generous Acts Of Common People To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Selfless acts of caring at home are good And to be commended but there are many ion this world who will take the art of caring and giving to higher levels which benefits the entire community. We have had several famous personalities known for their work and service to humanity, but you will seldom Hear the stories of common people with equally big hearts. It is these 10 generous acts of common people that will help you restore your faith in humanity.

10 Woman throws away $5, 000 mortgage money

Barbara Naydall from Long Island threw away an envelope containing $5000 of her mortgage money. When she called her son who works in the sanitation department, he sought the help of three works top sift through the trash at Merrick Transfer Station, Long Island. They recovered the money except for $40 that fell out of the envelope. The men did not even accept a reward.

Money found in trash

Image Source: www.nbcnewyork.com

9 Mike llitch paid for Rosa Parks rent for 10 years

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks was robbed and assaulted in her home in Detroit on August 4 1994. She was 81 and suffering from dementia. Judge Damon Keith knowing about her plight contacted a real estate agent to get her a new home. Mike LLitch the owner of little tigers and little Caeser’ read about the incident in the newspaper and quietly deposited a $2000 check in November 1st 1994 for Parks rent. He kept on paying for her rent till her death in 2005.

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks

Image Source: www.iheart.com

8 He begged for others

Dobri Dobrev lives 15 miles from Sofia. Bulgaria. He would walk to the city every day and would spend the entire day begging. But Dobri never kept the money; instead he would donate it to churches like the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral where his largest donation was 35,700 lev. ($24,000) He even donates money to orphanages. When asked why he did it, Dobrev replied that it was payback for something bad he did in his past. He lives on a pension of 80 Euro’s or $100 a month.

Dobri  Dobrev

Image Source: www.yurbed.com

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