10 Generous Acts Of Common People To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

7 Ex Billionaire who helps underprivileged children

Chuck Feeny is an ex billionaire who has give away 90% of his money worth 47.5 billion for the college education of underprivileged children. He is worth just $2 million. He started his philanthropic activity in 1984 giving away 170$ million in grants to the university of Limerick, Ireland. Over 30 years he gave away a major part of his fortune to various children charities and his own organization Atlantic philanthropies’ that looks after ageing, healthcare, civil right, education and sciences.

Chuck Feeny is an ex billionaire

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6 Biker gang who helps children

BACA (Bikers against child abuse) is well known organizations in USA who assist abused children provide a secure environment for them during an ongoing case. Their actions include guarding a child’s house at night, escorting to and from public places, attending courtroom cases top reassure children and therapy.

Bikers against child abuse

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5 He carved a road through a mountain for his village

Perhaps one of the strongest generous acts of common people was of Dashrath Manjhi or the mountain man who actually carved a 360 feet long road through a mountain which would shorten the route to and from his village in Gahlaur, India. It took him 22 years to accomplish where a 55 km route was shortened top 15 km. The main reason for Manjhi doing this was the death of his pregnant wife who succumbed to an accident and never reached the hospital on time all because of the large obstacle that prevented it. His babe girl was delivered safely.

Villagers who attempted to help him were threatened by corrupt authorities. Manjhi wasn’t flayed and completed the task on his own. The passage he built was 360 ft long, 30 feet high and 30 feet wide.

Dashrath Manjhi or the mountain man

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