10 Generous Acts Of Common People To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

4 He built luxury flats for villagers free

Xiong Shuihua living in Xiongkeng village, Xinyu city, China was looked after by the village people as his family was poor. Xiong went on to become a millionaire because of his construction business and steel. He repaid the village kindness by razing the entire village and building flats for 72 families who lived there. For those who were especially kind to him he b built luxury villas. He even guaranteed 3 meals per day for the aged and those who couldn’t afford it.

Xiong Shuihua living in Xiongkeng village

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3 Boy donated his organs for children

Liang Yaoyi was an 11 year old boy who died from brain cancer. Before his death he advised his mother to donate his organs for other children in need of it. Doctors were able to carry out his wishes as and as soon as he died, the entire medical staff bowed to him out of respect while his body was being removed.

Liang Yaoyi donated organs

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2 Janitor and cook look after elderly in care home

Valley Springs Manor, A care home for the elderly in California went bankrupt. Almost everyone left except Maurice Rowland the cook and Miguel Alvarez the janitor. The 16 inmates did not have a place to go, so the duo took care of them on their own. After several days, the sheriff and fire department took over. The incident led to the formation of legislation called residential care for the elderly freeform act 2014.

Janitor and cook

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1 Shoe shine man who donates earnings to children’s hospital

Among generous acts of common people, shoeshine man Albert Lexie has been shining shoes for 35 years at the children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. Each time he earns over $5 he donates a sum to the hospital. During his time there he has contributed $ 200,659 to the children’s hospital saying that his shoe shining is a skill from god which he should share with others.

Shoe shine man who donates earnings to children’s hospital

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