10 High Profile Cases of Plastic Surgery Gone Terribly Wrong

Humans are narcissistic. The first face everyone loves to see in the morning is themselves in the mirror. Side angle, close up, stretched far back, a pose and if you’re looking good, then click!! It has to be a selfie posted on Facebook. For many however, like celebs, it doesn’t end there where looks need to be modified several times over by plastic. Sometimes, it’s a success, but when it doesn’t, then the person looks hideous. Take a look at the 10 worst cases of plastic surgery gone wrong.

10 Donatella Versace

The queen of the fashion industry, one fails to wonder from what perspective she may be viewing herself, Snow Whites mirror would have cracked. And!! Pardon my saying so but doesn’t the new look make her look a bit constipated? Since 2002, she has undergone laser resurfacing, Botox treatments. Lip and cheek fillers, collagen and breast implants. A sheer waste of money.

Donatella Versace

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co

9 Carrot Top

Carrot Top aka Scott Thompson may be cool in comedy, but he certainly doesn’t realize he looks comical after going to town with his face. Does he look like a chucky doll or does he somehow look like Barbra Streisand. The actor cum standup comedian attributes his looks to working out and tons of makeup and mousse but does that change the shape of your features?? I think not CT.

Carrot Top

Image Source: www.stickyday.com

8 Lil Kim

She was once hailed as the best female rap artist of all time but Lil Kim wasn’t just hooked on fame she wanted to look the part as if she didn’t earlier. What resulted was the result which is visible even today with her face looking like stretched plastic and a stub for a nose.

 Lil Kim

Image Source: www.imgix.net

7 Joycelyn Wildenstein

If you’re saying uGGHH, it’s ok because I am too. Referred to by many names, the bride of Wildenstein, the cat woman and what not, Jocelyn hit the big bucks when she married wealthy art dealer Alec Wildenstein. She was reported to have spent $4 million on procedures such as cheek implants and facelifts. Well, you can see the result. Today at 70, she claims she is broke because her ex-husbands family trust has cut of her $110,000 per month she has been receiving all these years.

Joycelyn Wildenstein

Image Source: www.digitamix.com

6 Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley once the beautiful wife of Rock N Roll King Elvis Presley, she made the mistake of going under the knife of bogus surgeon Dr. Daniel Serrano, the Argentinean surgeon who didn’t have a license to practice in the USA. Yet he notched up a rich clientele. He was simply injecting OTC ingredients into people’s faces resulting in lumps and paralysis. He was jailed and deported but her face?? Well tough luck.

Priscilla Presley

Image Source: www.stickyday.com

5 Meg Ryan

Once the darling of the movie screen with movies like you has got mail’ Meg Ryan fell to the pressures of Hollywood and went down knife lane. Botox injections and lip implants resulted in a duck face. One of the sadder cases of plastic surgery gone wrong but no one told her that.

Meg Ryan plastic Surgery

Image Source: www.imgix.net

4 Michaela Romanini

The Paris Hilton of Italy, For Michaela, Botox injection were just lunchtime procedures. She herself admits she got addicted to lip collagen injections at a young age and still gets them one. But what exactly is it that makes these people think they look good?

Michaela Romanini

Image Source: www.lookdamngood.com

3 Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke at one time did have decent looks but after his resurgence in the movie the “wrestler” fans were stunned to see his plastic surgery bashed up face, surgeries, facelifts, eye lifts, hair transplants, literally the works.

Mickey Rourke Face surgery

Image Source: www.tocka.com.mk

2 Amanda Lepore

It’s not even necessary to show the before image because what’s the point when you want to look like this. Amanda Lepore is perhaps the most famous Transsexual socialite. Surgeons had a field botching day with breast augmentations, buttock implants; she got her bottom ribs broken for a smaller waist, a nose job, forehead lift, hip enlargement, silicone injections for lips and brow bone reduction. EWWW.

Amanda Lepore After surgery

Image Source: www.trend-guru.com

1 Hang Mioku

The worst case of plastic surgery gone wrong was Hang Mioku a 48-year-old singer from South Korea. She was so obsessed with Plastic surgery that she had her first operation at 28. What followed was a series of procedure so much so that doctors even refused to work on her. She resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face which made her look like a grotesque monster. Well even her before image looks just as bad.

Hang Mioku plastic surgery

Image Source: www.interia.pl

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