10 High Profile Cases of Plastic Surgery Gone Terribly Wrong

Humans are narcissistic. The first face everyone loves to see in the morning is themselves in the mirror. Side angle, close up, stretched far back, a pose and if you’re looking good, then click!! It has to be a selfie posted on Facebook. For many however, like celebs, it doesn’t end there where looks need to be modified several times over by plastic. Sometimes, it’s a success, but when it doesn’t, then the person looks hideous. Take a look at the 10 worst cases of plastic surgery gone wrong.

10 Donatella Versace

The queen of the fashion industry, one fails to wonder from what perspective she may be viewing herself, Snow Whites mirror would have cracked. And!! Pardon my saying so but doesn’t the new look make her look a bit constipated? Since 2002, she has undergone laser resurfacing, Botox treatments. Lip and cheek fillers, collagen and breast implants. A sheer waste of money.

Donatella Versace

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co

9 Carrot Top

Carrot Top aka Scott Thompson may be cool in comedy, but he certainly doesn’t realize he looks comical after going to town with his face. Does he look like a chucky doll or does he somehow look like Barbra Streisand. The actor cum standup comedian attributes his looks to working out and tons of makeup and mousse but does that change the shape of your features?? I think not CT.

Carrot Top

Image Source: www.stickyday.com

8 Lil Kim

She was once hailed as the best female rap artist of all time but Lil Kim wasn’t just hooked on fame she wanted to look the part as if she didn’t earlier. What resulted was the result which is visible even today with her face looking like stretched plastic and a stub for a nose.

 Lil Kim

Image Source: www.imgix.net

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