10 Incredible Science Facts That Will Truly Amaze You

4 Helium cooled to the lowest temperature possible or -460 ° F which is absolute zero

Helium, the gas for filling balloons can display weird characteristics when cooled to absolute zero. It will flow against gravity and run up and over the lip of a glass container. It will dribble through cracks that are molecule thin and even remain motionless if the container is spun around. It will become a superfluid or a liquid that flows without friction. If you moved a dish of helium in the superfluid state, unlike other liquids which will ultimately stop moving, helium will continue to do so even if you were to return a million years later.

Helium, the gas for filling balloons

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3 If Betelgeuse, the ninth biggest star in the night sky explodes, it would light up the sky for two months

Betelguese also known as Alpha Orionis is the ninth brightest star in the night sky located 430 light years from earth. It is considered a supergiant star and the largest of its kind in the universe with a luminosity 10,000 times that of the sun. It’s radius is also larger about 370 times the sun. If the star exploded into supernova state then the sky would be lit up for 2 months.

Ninth biggest star in the night sky explodes

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2 An individual blood cell completes a circuit of the entire body in 60 seconds

There are about 5 litres of blood in the body with your heart pumping an average of 70 ml blood with every beat. A healthy heart beats about 70 times a minute which means your heart pumps 4.9 liters of blood which is your entire body’s supply.

healthy heart

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1 The universe as we know it contains 50,000,000,000 galaxies with 10 billion earths like planets in the Milky Way alone

The universe is made up of that n umber of galaxies with 100,000,000,000 to 1,000,000,000,000 star in an normal galaxy. In the Milky Way there are 100 billion earth like planets which means the big question, are we alone? Now that you have read these amazing science facts, still think science is boring?

The universe

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