10 Interesting And Bizarre Marriage Customs From Around The World

6 Smashing the dishes (Germany)

The custom is for the relatives of groom to enter the bride’s house and break anything that is made of porcelain. They cannot break glass, as it signifies happiness. When all the porcelain in the house is broken, the couple has to clean everything up. This means that they will face all obstacles together and live happily.

Smashing the dishes

Image Source: www.dainikbhaskar.com

7 Force feeding (Mauritania)

Women who are getting married in the African nation of Mauritania have to put on weight before marriage. This means that the girls are force fed and it’s not a choice in the military ruled nation. The culture believes that the bigger the bride, bigger the space she will occupy in her husband’s heart. The military regime forces girls to eat and eat, and if they vomit, they have to drink that too.

Force feeding

Image Source: www.aufeminin.com

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