10 Interesting And Bizarre Marriage Customs From Around The World

8 Hitting groom’s feet (South Korea)

Groom’s family members remove the grooms’ shoes and socks and hit his feet with sticks or canes in a ritual known as Balaka. This is done to make the groom stronger so that he doesn’t displease the bride on their wedding night. The groom also has to pass a quiz based on his knowledge of the bride.

Hitting groom’s feet

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9 Don’t smile please (Congo)

Weddings are full of smiling faces and that’s what makes them a happy place. However, if you ever attend a wedding in Congo, better keep your pearly whites closed, as couples and people attending the wedding are forbidden from smiling. Weddings are a serious matter in Congo and no one is supposed to smile, even for photos.

Don’t smile please

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