10 Most Haunted Highways in the World

Every country seems to be having its own share of haunted highways and spooky freeways. Thanks to the many unfortunate road accidents and our skewed human fascination for mystery and danger, there are now umpteen numbers of infamous highways across the world which have a grim reputation of being haunted with paranormal activity. Here is a list of the most haunted highways all across the globe.

10 A3 Motorway, Croatia

A3 Motor way is a major arterial highway of Croatia spanning 306.5 km. A section of this highway between Staro Petrovo Selo and Nova Gradiska is believed to be haunted due to many road accidents and high paranormal activities. It is believed that the Ghosts of singer Toso Proeski and Dolores Lambasa also haunt this motorway.

A3 Motorway, Croatia

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9 Annie Road, United States

Annie road in Totowa, New Jersey is supposedly haunted by a ghost of a lady who was killed in a road accident many years ago.

Annie Road, United States

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8 N9 Road, South Africa

N9 Road is yet another major arterial highway which connects George with the N1 in Coles berg in South Africa. In 1968, Marie Charlotte Roux was killed in a grim road accident not far from Uniondale on an Easter Sunday. This gave birth to the urban legend of a “Vanishing Hitch hiker”. Many drivers have since claimed that a girl asks for a ride and disappears after her “Pick-up”.

N9 Road, South Africa

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