10 Most Haunted Highways in the World

7 E8 Expressway, Malaysia

This highway is also known as the Kualalumpur- Karak expressway which happens to be the “Most haunted Highway” in the whole of Malaysia. There are many instances of weird ghostly sightings by night drivers. Strange creatures and Pontianak menace drivers but there has been no solid evidence to prove anything really paranormal about this highway till date.

E8 Expressway, Malaysia

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6 Boy Scout lane, United States

This spooky Dead-end lane with no outlet in Wisconsin, Unites States has alot of urban legends and ghost stories associated with it including the death of a fictional troop of Boy scouts which evidently gave this lane its creepy name. This lane has been subject to many paranormal investigations and camping sight for enthusiastic hopefuls to get a personal “ghostly” experience. It is claimed that way back in 50s or 60s a troop of boy scouts were mysteriously killed here but historically, this patch of land was once owned by Boy scouts of America so we shall never know the real truth about it.

Boy Scout lane, United States

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5 Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

Belchen tunnel is a motorway tunnel which is haunted by a lady all dressed in white. In 1981, a modern myth of the proverbial white lady -“Bolchen ghost” or more commonly known as “Bolchengespenst” started circulating as a popular topic for discussion in Shove’s Tuesday Carnival. As the story goes, two female jurists picked up a middle aged, pale, shabbily dressed woman in white near Eptingen. When they asked her if she was feeling alright, she answered, “No, Unfortunately not. I am not well at all. Something really awful is going to happen, something very dreadful!” when both of them looked at the back seat she had vanished.

Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

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