10 Most Haunted Highways in the World

4 A38 Road, England

With such ghost talk how could historically rich England remain far behind? A38 Road is an A Class trunk road in Somerset running between Wellington and Taunton. Reports of a phantom hitch hiker was very common since 1950s, which according to the story told by “ Harold” the lorry driver in 1958 became quite famous around these parts of the country. Evidently he saw the same hitch hiker AGAIN down the road, whom he had given a ride and dropped off miles down the road.

A38 Road, England

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3 Shades of Death Road, United States

If names alone could give you the creeps, this road has all the makings of it. This is a rural, two lane road which is locally known as the “shades” in Warren County, New Jersey, United States. The unusual name and its spooky history attract many visitors to this haunted highway. The road is subject to many robberies, crimes and bandits. The Popular points of paranormal activities are Ghost Lake, The fairy Hole and the Lenape lane. Also there were many Polaroid snaps taken by random people showing a blurred image of a girl in distress running just off the road towards the woods in the 1990s.

Shades of Death Road, United States

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2 A75 Road, Scotland

Highway A75 is a Trunk road running across Scotland connecting Annan and Gretna Green which is believed to be highly haunted by many. Especially the patch between Annan and Dumfries is said to have many ghostly sightings. According to Derek and Norman Ferguson who were driving near Kinmount way back in 1968, at about midnight a large hen flew towards the wind screen and vanished at the point of impact. Immediately after the hen, an old lady appeared running towards the car waving her out stretched arms, and then ANOTHER screaming man appeared who also disappeared mysteriously. Another story dates back to 1957 when a truck driver swerved from the road to avoid hitting a “couple “on the road but when he stopped to investigate the pair had vanished.

A75 Road, Scotland

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1 Clinton Road, United States

This is an infamous Haunted highway in New Jersey which has become a major tourist destination because of its many paranormal activities, ghost sightings, gathering of witches, Satanists and Ku Klux Klan. Perhaps the most famous story is of the “Ghost boy at the bridge” who had drowned once while swimming below in the river or had fallen down to his death from that bridge. According to numerous sightings this boy still sits on that fateful bridge every night. According to the publication weird NJ, this bridge also has the longest traffic light wait, which coupled with the urban legends, thick forests and fog contributes greatly to its “scare” factor.

Clinton Road, United States

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