10 Most Unbelievable Places That Exist On Planet Earth

There are many who marvel at space photographs sent by the NASA, These are places that look so enchanting and out of reach being almost surreal in existence. In tune with the amazing and beautiful world, here are ten such unbelievable places that exist on our lovely planet Earth.

10 Mount Roraima, South America

This is a magnificent flat topped mountain located between the borders of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil and is the oldest geographical formation on earth. It is a 9 miles long mountain which receives daily showers at the top creating a number of magnificent waterfalls. The beautiful landscape, dense forests and moderately difficult treks keeps tourists away a fact that has probably protected the flora and fauna of this magical place. It is illegal to pluck any wild flowers or fruits in this region.

10 Most Unbelievable Places That Exist On Planet Earth

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9 Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

One of the most interesting natural formations true to its name because of its romantic ambience. Located in the town of Kleven, it is a place where you can see the most artistic confluence of human architecture and natural beauty combined together. It has a 3 km railway line surrounded by a tree like tunnel which is caused by the actual passage of the train itself making it one of the most surreal places on Earth.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

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