10 Mysterious but awe-inspiring Pareidolia Images That Are Yet To Be Explained

What makes natural phenomena so amazing that we even see faces, figures and shapes in them? While a bystander on the spot may certainly be emotionally charged enough to look for religious shapes in cloud formations, it can’t be said that a person watching a photo of the incident is the same. Similarly, such figures and shapes can appear in raging fires and burning objects too. If you want to watch something amazing, then take a look at these 10 pareidolia images that were both awesome and inspiring too.

10 Kilauea Volcano Smiley Face

When the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted making headlines, it was a huge smiley face that photographers saw peering from the fire. The shape of the smiley appeared at the precise moment when Mick Kalber of Paradise helicopter Tour Company was flying overhead. He clicked the image instantly. According to the Hawaiian observatory, the smiley face was formed by circulation of lava creating patterns on the surface.

Kilauea Volcano Smiley Face

Image Source: www.livescience.com

9 Chilean ‘Godly’ Volcano

In April 2015, the dormant Calbuco volcano in southern Chile asleep for 40 years suddenly erupted resulting in a strange God like cloud over the mountain. The figure was around 1000 feet and witnesses said they even saw it complete with head body, eyes and nose. According to ancient myth, volcanoes are members of ancient royal families that fight evil in the world. The sign meant God was either unhappy or he was watching over them.

Chilean ‘Godly’ Volcano

Image Source: www.wonderslist.com

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