10 Mysterious but awe-inspiring Pareidolia Images That Are Yet To Be Explained

8 Fresno Fire Savior

A pair of women filmed a fire rescue mission in action in a Fresno fire in California in October 2014. The video clearly shows what appears to be the face of Jesus in the smoke emitted from the flames. While the photos did show a face, many did not hesitate to identify it as Jesus and also said the face appeared as a man was being rescued from the fire. Miraculously nobody was hurt in the fire.

Fresno Fire Savior

Image Source: www.wonderslist.com

7 Pope in Bushfire

In 2007, television networks from Italian and Vatican television broadcasted a picture of a bonfire built at Pope John Paul’s memorial service. What was amazing was the fact that a figure resembling the pope was seen in the flames. The image was captured by photographer Gregorz Lukasik even as the service was held in the Popes hometown of Beskid Zywiecki in Wadowice Poland. While Father Jared Cielecki of the Vatican News Service felt it was an image of the Pope, others claimed it was either Pete Townsend or The Virgin Mary.

Pope in Bushfire

Image Source: www.minilua.com

6 Palestinian Explosive Images

During the Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, all people saw were plumes of black and grey smoke rising from the bombed targets. This gave a group of Palestine artists a great opportunity to express their art through the smoke creating some fantastic and inspiring pareidolia images which they found lurking in the plumes. The one below reveals a fist with its extended index figure, the Muslim symbol of saying there is no God but Allah.

Palestinian Explosive Images

Image Source: www.nhabitat.com

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