10 Mysterious but awe-inspiring Pareidolia Images That Are Yet To Be Explained

5 The Healing Angel

In 2013, Kevin and Jeni Potter from Kirtland Ohio made headlines when President Obama mentioned them in his acceptance speech of his second term. Obama had heard about one of their daughters Erin who was declared cancer free after being diagnosed for the disease three times. Before she underwent a transplant that cured her of cancer, she was photographed running in her backyard with sparklers in her hand. In the photograph there seemed a mysterious humanoid figure standing behind her which several people thought to be either Mother Mary or an angel. Her parents accepted the fact that despite who it was, clearly they weren’t alone and their prayers were being answered.

The Healing Angel

Image Source: www.wonderslist.com

4 Our Lady at Melrose Park

There s a parish of our Lady of Mt Carmel in Melrose Park Illinois. It was the parish feast day of our lady of Mt Carmel which is celebrated in July. While devotees were commemorating and celebrating the feast in July 2014 which included processions, worship and fireworks, a strange figure appeared in the sky. Worshippers said they saw the outline of the Madonna. The festival being held since 1894 is steeped in tradition and associated with miracles as mentioned by one resident Gabe Caporale who had been attending the festival for 60 years.

Our Lady at Melrose Park

Image Source: www.nbcchicago.com

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