10 Mysterious but awe-inspiring Pareidolia Images That Are Yet To Be Explained

3 Bullsbrook Fire Angel

A crazy fire engulfed the neighborhood of Bullsbrook Perth in January 2015. The flames were higher than the rooftops and burned over 6650 hectares of land. It was seen as far as 68 km away. Residents claimed they saw a ‘fire angel’ hovering over the smoke whose image was captured on photo by one of the fire fighters Josh Lourenco. It seemed that the fire angel was helping firefighters put out the fire.

Bullsbrook Fire Angel

Image Source: www.newsapi.com.au

2 Fireplace Jesus

Rob Millst 29 and a resident of Church Street, Welwyn, Hertfordshire said he saw an image in one of the logs in his fireplace. He described it as having a face, eyes and a mustache. While it excited all family members, a neighbor Patrick Rogers walked in to say hello and he too found that the iconic face was visible in the ash around the log. Absurd as it sounds; Rob felt that it was Jesus who appeared in favor of his campaign that protested against an incinerator being built in the county.

Fireplace Jesus

Image Source: www.wonderslist.com

1 Blue Angel in Fayette County

One of the most famous Pareidolia images was on 30th August 2015; the Faith Church on Old Chillicothe Road in Fayette County, Ohio caught fire. That’s, of course, was tragic but people were exhilarated when they saw a blue angel hovering above the flames. It was Bret Knicely’s son who photographed the image. Including Brett, many people felt it was a sign that something good may emerge from the unfortunate incident. According to Joshua Hobbs of the fire department, the image could have been a result of high heat and metal material but as he wasn’t going to question theories surrounding a church, he remarked that the angel image could have also been true.

Blue Angel in Fayette County

Image Source: www.sinclairstoryline.com

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