10 Of The Most Valuable Lost Treasures In The World That Man Is Yet To Find

2 The Lost Dutchman

This is perhaps the most dangerous and infamous of all lost treasures in the world. The Lost Dutchman was an assumed Gold mine discovered way back in 1840s in the Mountains of Arizona. A small family worked this mine and supplied the gold to Mexico until they were allegedly slaughtered by a group of Apaches. Thereafter whoever tried to find the mines were also mysteriously killed? In 1870, a German immigrant named Jacob “The Dutchman” Waltz rediscovered the mine through a descendent of the original mine owning family. His partner was then killed by the apaches or as it’s rumored by Waltz himself to keep his find safe.

Ironically ill health caught up with Waltz who described the location of the mines to a lady called Julia Thomas of Phoenix in 1891. According to her account the mines had to be in the vicinity of Weavers Needles, famous formations outside phoenix which is now a part of national park and still dangerous for its treacherous terrain. The mines have never been actually found out till this date.

The Lost Dutchman

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1 The Atomic Bomb Maps

Two extremely important maps created by Army Air Corps in June 1945, showing the details of the planned coordinates of bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki went missing from the National Archives. What’s more interesting is the fact that these documents also had detailed aerial shots and pictures of the target land with all the strategic points mapped out. Surprisingly, No one is sure when exactly these documents went missing or how the theft was conducted which left the investigators baffled.

The Atomic Bomb Maps

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