10 of the World’s Most Famous Shipwrecks Still Standing Today

There are approximately three million shipwrecks lying on the ocean floor across the world. While the location of some of these are known, the majority remain elusive and the subject of a perpetual discovery. Most of these are historically significant and protected under UNESCO. However more strange than such wrecks underwater are these that remain standing above the surface as stark and haunting sentinels of silent monuments grounded on bays and beaches across the worlds. Check out these ten famous shipwrecks that can still be visited while they are still there.

10 MS World Discoverer

The MS World Discoverer was a large passenger cruise ship that sank on April 30th 2000 in the Solomon Islands because of a punctured hull. The ship built in 1974 made regular voyages to Antarctica for viewing ice floes. The Ship’s hull was punctured by a large uncharted rock, however no casualties were reported as the Captain offloaded all passengers and then steered the ship into Roderick bay grounding it. It still stands listing to one side on Nggela Island.

MS World Discoverer

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9 Mediterranean Sky

Built in Newcastle in 1952, it was originally named the ‘City of York’. After being sold in 1971, it was renamed the ‘Mediterranean Sky’ but her last voyage was to be in August 1986 when sailing from Brindisi to Paris. This ship however did not sink but was arrested on grounds of financial problems and towed away to The Elesus Gulf in Greece where she was abandoned. In 2002, the ship began sinking and so was towed to shallow water and grounded. The Mediterranean sky keeled over n Januarys 2003 and might have made quite a sight.

Mediterranean Sky

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