10 of the World’s Most Famous Shipwrecks Still Standing Today

8 MV Captayannis

The MV Capttayannis was a Greek vessel used for carrying sugar. In 1974, it sank in the River Clyde in Scotland the result of a collision with a BP tanker whose anchor chains made a huge hole in the Captiyannis. Although the captain steered her to shallow waters and grounded her, she still rolled over the next morning and has since been laying there stripped off its fittings and valuable items by looters.

MV Captayannis

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7 SS America

Among famous shipwrecks is the SS America was built in 1940 and was all set to become a five star hotel off Phuket Thailand in 1993. She was then named the “American Star” but never sailed under the name because while being towed out to Greece, the vessel was caught in a thunderstorm that broke her tug lines. Although the crew escaped to safety, the SS America was set adrift and ran aground off the west coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Since it was grounded, the ship has deteriorated between 1996 when its stern first broke off and sank till 2007 when it collapsed entirely and sank into the sea. Since March 2013, The SS America can only be seen in low tide.

SS America

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6 Olympia

A commercial ship that ran aground in 1979 near the town of Katapola on Amorgos Island in Greece. Attempts to pull the ship back into the gulf proved unsuccessful and it was subsequently abandoned. IYT is now the Island’s most popular landmark.


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5 BOS 400

While being towed by a Russian tugboat, the BOS 400 a French barge ran aground off Duiker Point near Sandy Bay. The mishap was caused after the tow ropes were broken in a storm while the barge was being chartered from the Republic of Congo to Cape town,. The BOS, 400 was the largest floating crane in Africa, but now it lies grounded on Sandy Bay.

BOS 400

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