10 of the World’s Most Famous Shipwrecks Still Standing Today

4 La Famille Express

Built in 1952 in Poland, the La Famille Express was actually renamed form the original “Fort Shevchenko” where it had served in the Soviet Navy. It is not known how the ship ran aground during a Hurricane in France in 2004. Looters as usual ran off with several parts of the ship’s fitting but the main frame stands as one of the largest attractions in the area.

La Famille Express

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3 HMAS Protector

The HMAS Protector was a military gunboat commissioned for the South Australian government to protect the local coastline from possible attacks in the aftermath of the Russian scare in 1870. After serving in World War I and II she was requisitioned by the US army. Unfortunately she never made it and collided with a tug off Gladstone. Her remains can still be seen till today although the Hull was salvaged and sunk in Heron Island for the purpose of breakwater.

HMAS Protector

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2 Evangelia

The Evangelia was a merchant ship built by the same shipyard as the Titanic. Launched on 28th May, 1942shew as originally named the Empire Strength. IN 1968, she ran aground near Continesti after sailing too close to the shoreline being caught in fog. Although the sea was extremely tranquil, she still ran aground giving rise to theories that the owner wrecked her on purpose to collect insurance.


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1 Santa Maria

One of the most famous shipwrecks, The Spanish freighter Santa Maria was sailing from span laden with gifts from Francisco Franco to be distributed to those who had supported him during Spain’s economic crisis. But while en route to Brazil and Argentina, it ran aground at Cape Verde Islands. Its precious cargo was removed and the ship abandoned. The ship is now a symbol of Boa Vista and Cape Verde.

Santa Maria

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