10 Scariest and Horrifying Haunted Castles Still In Existence Today

On a rainy and stormy night we like to huddle up against cozy fire places with friends and family listening to ghost stories especially the ones about haunted castles. This fascination can be definitely traced back to the Victorian times when spiritual séances and ghost meetings were organized even in affluent societies. But the real thing actually exists in haunted castles across the world. Here are ten of them.

10 Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Built in the 12th century, this castle has turned staunch skeptics into believers and was featured in the “The Times Magazine” as one of the most haunted castles in northern Europe. The castle is said to be haunted by a headless drummer strolling with his drum since 1650. There is also the ghost of a so called a witch named Lady Glamis who was burnt at the stakes with her son in 1537. The graveyard of this ancient castle is reportedly haunted by a ghostly hound who vanishes if flash lights are turned on. In an experiment in 2001, a hundred volunteers spent 10 days in the castle WITHOUT any prior knowledge of the building’s history and the results were astounding! The volunteers complained of ghostly touches, mirror sightings, burning and nauseating sensations and phantom gropes, even specters in leather gowns were seen in EXACTLY the same spot where normal tourist have seen them before.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Image Source: www.muscache.com

9 Czech Forest Castle, United States

This eerie looking castle can easily be called the doorway to hell. It is creepy even in daylight and exists in the United States. The castle is a gothic structure with gargantuan entry doors. This is reportedly the world’s most haunted castle due to numerous spooky activities which have been recorded here on regular basis. Specters have been reported haunting the staircases at night and visitors have experienced repeated paranormal activity.

Czech Forest Castle, United States

Image Source: www.gadling.com

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