10 Scariest and Horrifying Haunted Castles Still In Existence Today

8 Chillingham Castle, England

As the name itself gives the chills, this 12th-century castle is one of the most haunted castles in England. The castle was originally built as fortress for thwarting Scottish offensives and has therefore seen a great deal of carnage. The most notable apparition is the ghost of a “Blue Boy” who is seen regularly in the pink rooms and above guest’s beds leaving a blue halo following a loud cry. Even scarier is the apparition of John Sage who was hung at by Long Shanks during the Scottish war, he can still be heard dragging his body across the floors.

Chillingham Castle, England

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7 Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Located in the picturesque forests of Prague this 13th century this castle is riddled with mysteries and ghoul sightings. The design of this castle is also bizarre as it was not built as protection from outside attacks; on the contrary it was built to keep something in. Some say it was built to close the gateway to hell. The castle, according to the local myth was built on a bottomless pit in which winged monsters half human and half beast existed.

During the Nazi occupation, Nazi officers were reported to have performed occult rituals in the castle approved by Hitler himself an occult enthusiast. During excavation allied soldiers found several skeletal remains of Nazi officials who appeared to have been executed mercilessly.

Houska Castle, Czech Republic

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6 Belcourt Palace, in the US

Built in 1894 at a cost over $100 million by Oliver Belmont, it was purchased in 1956 by the Tinny family who not only inherited this derelict mansion but also some ghosts in bargain. The strangest fact is the ghostly incidents occur because of the haunted artifacts collected by Belmont from his travels abroad. There is haunted 15th century set of armor that…hold your breath….lets out a blood curdling scream every time in March as its owner was said to have been speared in the eye. Also in the gothic ball room there are haunted chairs that push out their occupants without any warning.

Belcourt Palace, in the US

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