10 Scariest and Horrifying Haunted Castles Still In Existence Today

2 Dragsholm castle, Denmark

This is one of the most haunted castles in Europe as it houses nearly 100 different type ghosts and apparitions. This place is wickedly haunted, because of its history as it was a prison as well as a battle fortification. The most disturbing story of this castle of a young girl in her twenties dressed in white, who fell in love with a fortress labourer. She was killed by her family and buried in the walls of the castle. She was forgotten for nearly a century when a modern restoration process stumbled across her skeleton with the same white dress on her.

 Dragsholm castle, Denmark

Image Source: www.scaryforkids.com

1 Moosham Castle, Austria

This castle dates back to 1208, and was built by the bishops of Salzburg. Hundreds of witches were beheaded grimly in this castle which bound to leave umpteen paranormal foot prints here. Many witches still haunt this castle giving it the nickname “Witches castle”. In addition to the gathering of blood sucking witches, Moosham is also the home of a werewolf proven to exist in 1800 when locals found a lot of mutilated cattle’s and deer corpses. As a result, several locals were tried and killed for being werewolves.

Moosham Castle, Austria

Image Source: www.panoramio.com

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