10 Shocking X Rays that are unbelievably real

X-rays are undoubtedly helpful when it comes to detecting serious medical issues. While X-rays can help us resolve critical medical problems, sometimes such incidents baffle doctors as to the nature of x rays and how certain objects got there. Sometimes, however x-rays have revealed shocking truths that could be construed as fake although they weren’t. Check out the 10 shocking x-rays that turned out very real.

10 Whats poking him in the face

Juacelo Nunes de Oliveira a 39 year old Brazilian Taxi driver was stabbed in the skull during a bar brawl. The knife blade ran behind his eye down to his jawbone. A centimeter more and he would have lost his sense of sight and smell. High on liquor and adrenaline, Oliveira did not even feel the knife there. It took surgeons 3 hours to remove the blade.

Head ex-ray

Image Source: www.imgix.net

9 Breaking Up is hard to do

It isn’t easy separating Siamese twins and the process may also endanger the life of the siblings as such procedures can give rise to complications. However, Siamese twins Allison and Amelia Tucker joined in the lower chest and abdomen also shared a liver and pericardium. Surgeons magically worked 7 hours nonstop on 7th Nov 2012 to separate the girls who are now leading healthy lives.

siblings conjoined

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

8 Gimme A High Six!

Many people are born with an extra finger and the condition is called postaxial polydactyl which affects 1 in 1,339 births. While some have a nub, others have six developed fingers. There isn’t a problem in having extra fingers although an extra thumb may cause problems of movement. Artist Jimmy Cliff had six fingers.

Hand ex-ray

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

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