10 Strange And Bizarre Medical Conditions That You May Think Are Not Real

8 Tourette’s Syndrome with Coprolalia

Those suffering from this embarrassing disease keep uttering curse words involuntarily and combined with a facial tic. While Tourette’s syndrome is a neuropsychiatric disorder making a patient suffer from a range of tics like eye blinking, throat clearing, sniffling, snorting and a vocal tic. Coprolalia is socially worse making a person utter inappropriate and even foul cuss words. Patients suffering from this combination are unaware of their medical condition thus making them stigmatized as misfits of society.

Tourette’s Syndrome with Coprolalia

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7 Akinetopsia

This is also a neurological disorder where its victim cannot recognize objects in motion. Also called motion blindness, objects seem to be frozen in time, they appear to jump and freeze continuously as if in some surreal world. A person suffering from the condition can only recognize positions of people at rest but cannot see them walking or moving. There is no cure for the disease.


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6 Body Integrity Identity Disorder

This is one weird disorder n which a patient feels as if a certain body part such as a leg or hand isn’t their own. According to them, they can only be cured by removing the body part. Also known as amputee identity disorder, it can be fatal when the patient is affected strongly enough to try and wound or injure the body part fatally.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder

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