10 Strange Cases of Well Known Islands That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

Oceans have always been a source of mysteries and secrets since time immemorial. We have always been overwhelmed by the enormity and raw power of the ocean. It is also an unsolved enigma of the ocean’s indiscreetly swallowing up people, ships, submersibles and even huge chunks of islands without leaving any trace whatsoever that has the experts baffled. There have been entire islands swallowed up by the ocean without explanation. Here are some islands that mysteriously vanished without any trace!

10 Barmeja Island, Gulf of Mexico

Located off the North coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Barmeja was regularly mapped by cartographers of the 16th century. The island was shown to have existed till 1997 as part of Mexico 200 mile nautical zone. However in the same year it mysteriously vanished. A high tech search using satellites, helicopters and ships revealed nothing. Theories state that seismic activity could have resulted in the ocean swallowing up the island. Mexico still searches for the mysterious island of Barmeja.

Barmeja Island, Gulf of Mexico

Image Source: www.earth-chronicles.ru

9 Island of Antilla, Middle of Atlantic Ocean

Historical records of Antilla Island exist as far back as 714 AD. Antilla existed in cartographic maps as recent as the 15tyh century. It was recorded to have been found by a group of Christian bishops escaping invaders till they came upon an island they likened to paradise which they named Antilla. Antilla was then marked on maps in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean upto the 15th century. The Island was mysteriously lost both from sight and maps. Theorists today feel that it was the coast of Cuba that people mistook for the island.

Island of Antilla, Middle of Atlantic Ocean

Image Source: www.philhodgson.net

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