10 Strange Cases of Well Known Islands That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

8 The Island of Buss

Another account of a peculiar Island that mysteriously vanished was the island of Buss discovered in 1576 by Captain James Newton while on his way to map out a north-west passage from Europe to Asia. He described the island full of life and thick woods and gave it its name, Buss. This island was marked on maps but strangely subsequent expeditions never found any trace of it. The island magically reappeared in 1691 and was found by another British sailor Thomas Sheppard of Hudson Bay Company. He actually landed on this island and recorded its flora and fauna and named various landmarks for future. Ironically Thomas himself couldn’t find the island when he tried to return. It was gone as if it never existed. Gradually this island was removed from all the international sea faring maps too.

The Island of Buss

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7 Sarah Ann Island, Easter Island

Discovered in1858 near Easter Island by an American guano firm, the location of Sarah Ann Island was also confirmed by German astronomers in the 1930s. They pointed out that it sat direct in the line of the total solar eclipse due on June 8, 1937, therefore making it an ideal place to set up observatories to witness the phenomenon. A United States expedition fleet was sent to locate the island but it was nowhere to be found! Extensive searches were conducted but to no avail. Eventually the observatories were established on the islands of Canton and Endelbury. The Island of Sarah Ann was removed from all the American maps and has remained a mystery ever since.

Sarah Ann Island, Easter Island

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