10 Strange Cases of Well Known Islands That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

6 Sannikov Land, Siberia

Sannikov Island existed in the 19th century in the Arctic Sea off the coast of Siberia. It was charted by explorers in 1811. 1896 and 1893. German explorer Baron Eduard Toll had seen the island in 1886 and arranged an expedition in 1901 to locate it scouring the icy Laptev sea for Sannikov Land but unfortunately Toll’s ship “the Zarya’ got trapped in ice floes off the New Siberian Islands and could not continue. Toll and three members decided to make the journey on foot but they too were never seen again. The island became a legend and earned its place in mythical history when in 1937, soviet icebreaker Sadko passed through the very area in where it was known to exist but found nothing.

Sannikov Land, Siberia

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5 Saxemberg Island, South Atlantic

Saxemberg Island was regularly charted by explorers from 17th to 19th century. Discovered in 1670 by Dutch explorer John Lindestz Lindeman, it was a low lying area with a distinct mountain in the middle. Lindeman even made several sketches of it. The island was spotted by various ships and crew and witnessed by Captain Long of the Columbus in 1809 who gave a detailed description of its bearings, location and dimensions. It was also spotted by another ship “the true Briton in 1816. But after that when an expedition led by Captain Cornwallis and Horsburg set out to locate the island, it was never found.

Saxemberg Island, South Atlantic

Image Source: www.mysteriousuniverse.org

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