10 Strange Cases of Well Known Islands That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

4 Emerald Island, New Zealand

Emerald Island was located between New Zealand and Antarctica. It was reported in the 1820’s by British captain William Elliot aboard a ship by the same name. They described it as rugged and mountainous. Throughout the 19th century it played a cat and mouse game with expeditions but was located in 1890 by a New Zealand ship who recorded its bearings. A subsequent expedition launched by Captain John King Davis in 1909 followed the coordinates but found nothing.

Emerald Island, New Zealand

Image Source: www.vanishingislands.info

3 New Moore Island, India-Bangladesh

This was an island existing in 1970 in the great Ganges Brahmaputra basin lying between India and Bangladesh. It was spotted by American satellites measuring 2 miles in length just near the rim of the Hariabhanga River on the Border. The island was a dispute between both countries wanting to claim it as their own with India even sending warships to the region in 1981. A UN tribunal ruled in favor of Bangladesh as the legal owner but by then the island had disappeared.

New Moore Island, India-Bangladesh

Image Source: www1.american.edu

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