10 Strange Cases of Well Known Islands That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

2 Sandy Island, Australia-Caledonia

Sandy Island was believed to have existed between Australia and Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean. It was one and half times the size of Manhattan Island and existed even on Atlases and maps. Sandy Island was first mentioned by the famous Captain James Cook in 1772 and its official discovery was made in 1792 by French navigator Joesph de Bruni d’Entrecasteaux. Throughout the 18 and 19th century it was regularly describes by sea farers and explorers who described its shoreline, vegetation and features.

Sandy Island was even mapped by Google earth and several scientific maps including National Geographic until 200 when a bizarre thing happened. A group of Ham enthusiasts’ searching for remote locations set out for Sandy Island but it had mysteriously disappeared. 12 years later Australian researchers studying the area and taking in account ocean depths concluded that it was impossible for an island to exist there. They reached the conclusion that somehow the island was a mistake even in times of hi tech mapping technology.

Sandy Island, Australia-Caledonia

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1 The strange island near Ballycotton, Ireland

Among islands that mysteriously vanished was a strange account in 1878 that described an island that suddenly appeared off the coasts of the seaside village of Ballycotton, east cork, Ireland. It was extremely clear where formations of sandy beaches, mountains, trees and vegetation could be easily seen. Expeditions were launched to land on the island but as soon as the boats approached the island it mysteriously vanished from sight.

 The strange island near Ballycotton, Ireland

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